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Dinner on new wooden Muji plates :) - Gyu-don and Abura-age with mentaiko
Chocolate cravings
Been so engrossed over this little thing that I’ve forgotten to eat, sleep and interact with the outside world…. I missed Halloween……?
Just came today! Been playing it the whole day!
Dinner ๐Ÿ˜
The Lunarglide 5 Shield to replace my torn soleless shoes - #nike #lunarglide5
Reading all these cool books while waiting for @prettyfrowns  (at Kizuki+LIM)
Shiny horsey ๐ŸŽ - #alden
๐Ÿฆ (at Baskin Robbins)
Today’s textiles - #kapital #centurydenim
Yay / Nay? -
Torn & patched - #purebluejapan
Flowers - #fullcount #redwing
My first ever pair of boots, the Redwing 9111, beaten up, stained and now polished! - #redwing
The campus cardigan has became the most comfy outer piece I own! - #misterfreedom
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